I have my last exam today, and i’m super nervous. It’s an oral examination, so that kinda makes it a bit more stressing.

-Please- keep me in your du’as.


The Prophet (salla Allahu aleyhi wa salam) said,

"Whoever exerts himself to have patience and pushes himself, when he doesn’t think that he can be patient anymore, Allah will grant him success and Allah will make him patient because of his struggle."

[Ahmad, Musnad 3/12, al Bukharee 1469 and Muslim 1089]

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kh4ir said: Waleikum salam ukhti! ja er født og oppvokst i Norge men foreldrene mine er ikke norske ;p du da?

Jeg er født i Etiopia, men oppvokst i Norge med Somaliske foreldre, Alhamdulillah:) Hvor er du fra, søster?


i need to practice listening. listening without thinking of a response. or without thinking about advice i can give or how the situation is similar to something i’ve experienced.

just listening for the sake of listening. so the other person feels heard. so they feel valued.

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